On their Facebook page Spartan have posted some images of what the Terran and Dindrenzi Leviathans look like… and they comment:


Time to show some larger, more detailed images of our Planetfall models as we fast approach the game’s launch date. I picked the first model to show you as the Combat version of a Terran Leviathan Class, one of the larger models in the Terran force.
This version is armed with a G-72 Dual Laser, body mounted Raptor Launcher, Heavy Rotor Chain Guns and a Nexus Designator. Its armour is tough, but the model also utilises Shield technology as part of its defences.

As part of a Leviathan Helix the model (in either its Combat or Close Combat variants) can be supported by Aerial Gunships and/or Recon Tanks.

The model comes on a 100mm x 100mm textured based and stands 120mm tall and across the shoulders he is approximately 140mm.


Next up is a Dindrenzi Federation Leviathan Class for you to have a look at. Like its Terran Alliance opponent this version is the Combat build, and it is armed with Dual Rail Guns and Dual Missile Launchers. Mounted in to the head of this machine is a Sky Drop designator.

The model also comes on a 100mm x 100mm textured base and stands a mighty 130mm tall. Forming a Leviathan Helix in game terms the model can also be supported with Aerial and Recon ground units.

A major feature of this model is its Sky Drop designator which allows the model to ‘call in’ other units from low orbit, using a rapid strike capability to move and conquer a battlefield.


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