Codename Iron Scorpion… Dystopian Legions!


Dystopian Legions is up for pre-order, with what looks to be an amazing two-player boxed set, Codename: Iron Scorpion…


Codename Iron Scorpion

(Dystopian Legions Two Player Starter Set)

Set in the hot sands of North Africa, our new Dystopian Legions Starter Set is crammed full of models and scenery. And when we say crammed… we mean crammed. 40 highly detailed models and modular scenery accompany our new full colour Version 2.0 Dystopian Legions Rulebook.


The ideal springboard for two players wishing to immerse themselves in the world of Dystopian Legions.


Let’s take a closer look at what you get in this amazing box:


Covenant of Antarctica Forces

21 CoA Models: 6 x Commandos, 10 x Automata Robots, 1 x Monique Dubois Scientist, 1 x Officer, 3 x Drone Skimmers and Flight Stands.


Republique of France Forces

19 French Models: 6 x Armoured Marines, 8 x Legionnaires, 1 x Legion HMG team (2 figures & Gun), 1 x Veronique Dubois Medic, 1 x Officer.



1 x large, multi-part HDF ruined building complex and Battlefield Objectives.


Other Materials

1 x Full Colour Rulebook.

1 x A5 Scenario Book that allows players to re-enact the tense struggle between the forces in Codename Iron Scorpion.

Dice, Templates and Tokens Sheets.


DL-Rule Book

Dystopian Legions Core Rulebook

Having already established a range of high quality miniatures, it was time to deliver a core set of rules that hammered home just how exciting Platoon level action can be in a Dystopian Wars world. With version 2.0 of the Legions game rules we’ve created a more streamlined engine, added improved army lists and force building, enhanced command and control, new Ironclad rules, and set the scene for fun Platoon level gaming.



And as if that wasn’t enough! Our first boxed sets sold will include a superb, limited edition Covenant War Master Maximillian Schneider miniature and custom base AND two stunning prints of the Dubois Sisters. But act quickly, this deal is only on the first orders for this exciting Two Player Boxed Set.



I’ve had a chance to take a sneak peek at the new Dystopian Legions rules, and all I can say is that I’m excited!  Finally this game is getting the big release we’ve been waiting for, and I don’t think people will be disappointed!

Head over to the Spartan Store for preorders…


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