Planetfall makes…erm…planet fall


I woke up this morning to find these amazing pictures supplied by Wonderdog on the Spartan Games Community.  Wonderdog visited Claymore 2014 and there was Spartan Games, Neil and …… Planetfall!

It appears the Spartan guys were demoing the game at this convention and, thanks to Wonderdog, we now have some very cool pictures.

If your a member of the forum, click the link to view more pictures


A Planetfall game in progress – Terrans vs Dindrenzi


Another view showing terrain, command vehicles and a huge mech!


Terrain mech, drop ship and tanks – Halo anyone?


Terrain Infantry – apparently the front left model comes separate while the terrain the and other three models are one mold.


Here is a shot of some Dindrenzi models and terrain.


Not to be outdone – the Dindrenzi also get a Mech.


Final picture is Planetfall again, but a 28mm version – Dystopian Legions in Sssssppppaaaacccceeee!

I am really looking forward to this game, especially the ability to link Firestorm Armada to Planetfall and now to Planetfall Spec Ops.  I’m sure a similar system won’t be far off for the Dystopian World either.

Till next time – watch of our those Exploding (RED) 6’s and giant Mechs!


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