Der Holle Rache: a prelude to a heroic death…

Sunrise was approaching. The grey light of pre-dawn bore witness to fog rising in strained tendrils from the forests ahead.  Today, across this field, the tyranny of violence would rage.

Lady Lydia Carlton gazed through her binoculars, yes, they would be brought to fight today.  The Kingdom of Britannia, her forsaken homeland, had harried them to this place, but it was a good field to fight on, forests East and West broke the ground beautifully, creating a central passage through which the enemy would likely pass.  Such a concentration would be ideal, despite the terrible firepower of the British machines, her own force was specialised, hand picked by herself, an aggressive mix of regiments to compliment her own fiery disposition.  

She had commanded an advance force to dig in ahead and fortify a position in the bottleneck, the very regiment she had risen from, the 3rd Hypaspists, assault infantry of the highest calibre.  She closed her eyes, the aria from Der Holle Rache ringing from the slow turning wax cylinder on the bridge desk beside her, a frenetic song, it suited her mood. 

A polite cough stirred her.

“Milady, the artillery has indicated they in position.”

She nodded her response and opened her eyes, gazing into the space before her.  The Britannians had to strike today, leave her any more leeway and they knew, as she did, she would be away.  They had pushed her to this place, but fail to press and she would slip away as she had a dozen times already.  

“And Milady,” a pause from her officer. She turned and made eye contact, he looked down. “Our… our reconnaissance aircraft are reporting the British are closing.”

She nodded again, less curtly this time. “Good.” she replied, “They are as eager to end this dance as I am.”


Photo 24-06-2014 8 56 20 pm

Infantry and bombers placed on the right to mitigate the Britannian flank…

Photo 24-06-2014 8 56 34 pm

The majority of the Covenant forces, Socrates Bombards, Colossus Robots, Lady Carlton’s Archimedes and the feared Aronnax, are positioned away from the flank, and facing the corridor.

Photo 24-06-2014 8 56 42 pm

Forward infantry support provided by the 3rd Hypaspists – an elite unit of Covenant Assault Infantry.

Photo 24-06-2014 10 11 03 pm

Early in the battle the Archimedes comes under heavy and sustained fire.

Photo 24-06-2014 10 33 21 pm

The British Terriers stream forward, the target of the Covenant is the smalls, so their approach is welcome.  Heavy fire from the Socrates tries desperately to reign in the British bombards, to little effect.

Photo 24-06-2014 10 33 27 pm

The flanking units start to impact on the Covenant right.

Photo 24-06-2014 10 33 35 pm

The Aronnax feigns attention on the centre…  Meanwhile the 3rd Hypaspists assault and destroy Terriers in the centre…

Photo 24-06-2014 11 03 43 pm (1)

Then with the aid of a TAC card the Aronnax swings suddenly right, ramming and destroying tanks across two units.

Photo 24-06-2014 11 31 04 pm

The Britannians, too late, open fire on the Aronnax with their broadsides levelling considerable damage.  The Archimedes, and Lady Carlton, finally succumb to the massive concentration of fire.  Infantry on the right prize a Britannian MkII.

As the explosion of the Archimedes rocks the Covenant forces it is all too apparent to the Kingdom of Britannia that they have been thoroughly defeated.  They concede the day and disengage with what dignity they have left.

The Covenant is left to lick their wounds and mourn the loss of a fearsome leader…


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