The Element270 Painting Challenge!

It’s time, ladies and gentlemen! With the release of the Dystopian Wars 2.0 Ruleset, and the very imminent arrival of the brand new Battlegroups for the Core7 nations, it seems like the perfect time to get our collective painting on!

So Element270 are proud to announce: The Element270 Painting Challenge!

The Challenge:
To complete your chosen models within the time frame given, and take lots of pictures for everyone to appreciate!

The Rewards:
Aside from having a bunch of newly painted models and being able to show them all off, we even have prizes to give away!

Thanks to The Combat Company ( we have a pair of $25 vouchers to give away!

These will be awarded in two ways:

1. The People’s Champion
The democratically-elected favourite, voted for by you, our avid readers!

2. The E270 Elect
The favourite entrant of the E270 team!

The Rules:

– Choose one Battlegroup, Two other boxes or an equivalent quantity of models (2 Large/Massive, 2 Medium Squadrons, 2 Small Squadrons, and as many SAS as needed).

These do not have to be new, as 2.0 is as much a time for finally finishing your fleet as it is to go out and buy a new one!

– Official Start Date: 1st of July, 2014

This is to hopefully let everyone get their hands on any new Battlegroups they have ordered, and for people to decide on the scheme they want to run with.

– Official End Date: 1st of September, 2014

2 months to complete your fleet! Following that, the voting will commence!

– You have to post what you are painting BEFORE you paint it. A quick photo of the models or the boxes will be fine.

Send the photos on through to, but put them up on Element270 facebook page too if you want! And feel free to discuss with any of the organisers if this is an issue, and we’ll sort something out.

– A photo of the completed fleet before (or on, if you like cutting it fine!) the Official End Day!

Send them through to, and we’ll put them all up in a blog post for everyone to see! We do need something for the voters to see, or how else are they going to pick your fleet as their favourite? 😀

And thats it! No more rules, no more regulations, just a whole ton of painting, and we are hoping even more photos of Works-in-progress and finished results!

So, get ready, start your ordering/organising, and prepare for the start. It’s only 13 days until the challenge begins!!!



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