QuickCalc 3.4 for Dystopian Wars 2.0 now available


Announcing QuickCalc 3.4 for Dystopian Wars 2.0 This new version includes the stats for the 7 core nations as updated by Spartan Games.

The Alliance nations will be added to the next version once their stats have been published.

V3.4 allows you to quickly create a roster in conjunction with the available PDFs. Just select your faction, show the sections you need to use and start filling in the fields. While some “smarts” are included in the spreadsheet, you will need to check the final set up prior to using your force in a game to ensure it is legal.

I hope you enjoy using the QuickCalc spreadsheet; please let me know if there are any errors or bugs and suggestions are always welcome.  Please email me at element270podcast@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

DW Quick Calc 3.4 (Excel 97-2004)

8 thoughts on “QuickCalc 3.4 for Dystopian Wars 2.0 now available

  1. Tried out the Quickcalc today for my Covenant and I am getting some strange behavior in Excel 2013. I chose COA from the flags, then Naval, I check Naval for core and Water for theater. Then when I go below and start entering numbers for my fleet it gets strange. First I chose my Aristotle (no options at the moment) it says 200 in the subtotals and shows 200 in the greyed out point totals to the right. but as soon as I add other boats such as 2 Fresnel, the point totals over in the grayed out urea for my Aristotle goes up to 380 instead of 200, and the total it shows in the grayed out area for the Fresnel’s is 415 not the 180 I expect it to be. Also the totals in the top sections (force type, break up ect.) are all at these higher values.

      • I’ve gone through the formulas David and found a few reference errors.

        These have been corrected in the latest version on the Downloads page.

        Sorry for the inconvenience and hope your fleet kick’s ass in the next game.

      • My work computer is not allowing me to upload it to the Blog so I will update the Downloads page tonight from home.

        In the meantime David, you can download the file from the Element270 Facebook page or the Dystopian Wars Australia Facebook page.


  2. Ok, new issue: The Aristotle options are not adding in their points if I chose one. I checked the other CoA ships with options and they all work, its only the Aristotle that’s misbehaving.

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