Episode 6 in review…

So Episode 6 has dropped, and we were lucky enough to have the dulcet tones of Neil Fawcett, owner and founder of Spartan Games on the show to talk all things Spartan.

I really enjoyed the chat, and found the discussion on the origins and growth of the company quite interesting, as was Neil’s insights into some of Spartan’s processes and so forth – but I always that sort of ‘glance into the industry’ quite fascinating.

What I was super excited by, however, was the new stuff Neil mentioned to do with Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Planetfall and many other things.

I’ll try and give a quick summary of those things mentioned that I found particularly exciting:


Dystopian Wars:

  • Britannian Raj – a fleet that is upcoming very soon, and from our discussion will be getting armoured and naval units.  This sounds fantastic!
  • Chinese Federation – land units! Wow – the naval models look amazing – so I can’t wait to see what comes of these!
  • 22 Alliance Nations and 7 (or 9) Mercenary factions – wow!  There is going to be vast amount of choice on the table – I’m not sure what sort of timeline this will follow, but this is huge.
  • over 1000 models – Dystopian Wars currently has some 500 odd models for it… Neil made mention he has a list with over 1000!
  • Campaign books and system – this is something I am personally very excited by!  More campaign books, smaller and more frequently released, with a focus on actually playing through a set of scenarios – some may be Dystopian Wars, some Dystopian Legions, but the games can affect one another… wow!
  • There is probably more that I am forgetting!


Dystopian Legions:

  • A new boxed set and hard cover rules coming later this year, along with more nations.
  • Campaign system – and it ties with Dystopian Wars
  • The VAULT (well, I shouldn’t say THE vault – as it now seems there are many!  This will be an interesting plot element to follow and I wonder how it will affect the world.  Why VAULT in capitals? Because they are making a 3D one you can fight Legions games in!



  • A hard hitting, fast, and gratuitous 10mm sci-fi ground battles game – awesome!
  • Lots of great models, plus scenery is an important aspect.
  • The game ties with Firestorm… awesome!
  • Objectives and scenario play a big part of the game – great!
  • Short rules, quick play, destruction and fun (this is really sounding like my sort of game).

So in brief – these are the things I found most exciting.  In all it heralds a huge year for Spartan Games, and a huge 2015 and beyond.  I am super excited by all of this – but I’d be interested to know – what excited you?

Oh – and last thing – Dystopian Empires…??? OOooooooooooo… I can’t wait to find out more about this!

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