Turning it Around – From Loss to Win in 2014 – Part 4


I just realized that the last time I posted under this title was back in February.  Well, suffice to say I am no closer to winning a Dystopian Wars game today than I was back 3 months ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been winning a number of other games (like a game where you DREAD the BALL in a futuristic sports arena, or a DEAD area which is like a ZONE, both games produced by a company that sounds like ANTIC) but still a win in Dystopian Wars is still out of reach.

My latest game on the weekend just gone got me thinking.  It was a 1000 point battle and my opponent used 2 battleships and 1 Dreadnought against me – I thought surely that exceeds the 70% restriction for Large models but, surprise to me, it did not.  In contrast I was only fielding a single Battleship.  I just didn’t have the firepower to match.

I wonder if my lack of large/massive models is my downfall?  All my fleets only include a single Battleship and then a Carrier plus/or a Dreadnought – am I not bringing enough firepower to the table?

So I throw the question out to you – the readers of our blog.  How many Battleships/Dreadnoughts/Carriers do you commonly field in a game?  Do you spam these large units or not?  I’d love to hear some of your answers.

I’m not getting to caught up on fleet composition though – version 2.0 (funny we don’t call them editions anymore) will most likely change the way fleets are put together.

So add your answers below in the comments and until next time – watch out for those exploding 6’s!


4 thoughts on “Turning it Around – From Loss to Win in 2014 – Part 4

  1. It depends, what is your approach to winning? Are you going to take the risks for the “I win” button of boarding? In which case your list is going to look markedly different to I am going to shell you from the other side of this hill here so you can’t see me to return fire. I find centering your list around a game plan works well. Generally you will have an objective, even if your objective is kill 70% of the other fleet it is still your objective. How are you going to achieve that? boarding? Long range? short range? knife fighting? Orbital barrage? The planning starts at list level. I have these tricks that I can use to win my game, how am I going to apply them.

    What if it all goes wrong? Referring to the hiding behind the hill example, what is there is no hill? Can I bring a hill replacement in my list? Something to take that role? So you’ve built your killer knife fighting list/boarding list. How are you going to get the resources you need to where they need to go without getting them sunk by the short/medium/long range death star coming from the other side of the board?

    List building is problem solving, first you need to understand what your problem(s) are then you can find solutions.

  2. In 1.1 I am currently using a Sturmbringer Submarine and 2 Metzger B robots. Going strong on Large/Massives is quite an effective tactic, however the first time you lose so many points on a Magazine Explosion, you might reconsider.

    I think currently the biggest issue is that the Moskva kinda sucks. You are better off with the Borodino (and possibly 2 of them). This is set to change in 2.0 though.

    Currently I would say that the RC strengths lie in their staples; the Borodino, Suvorov and Novgorod. However the Support Box is also fantastic, the Khatanga and Tiksi provide a lot more flexibility to the RC forces. It also makes the Myshkin a lot better than the original version.

    In terms of general play, I think keeping your objective in mind is the key to winning most games and Dystopian Wars is really no different.

  3. Both of the points above are valid. I do use the Borodino, Suvorov & Novgorod but only 1 squadron each (except for the frigates – 2 squads). My objective was Capture the Commodore – in hindsight I should have discarded that mission for the default 70% of points objective.

  4. I imagine this will be shooting me in the foot, as Peter is one of my regular opponents (as are many who read (E270), but here goes.

    When facing the Prussians I have to try and force you commit to a course of action that is less advantageous then you would like. For example setup my units so the look like they will sweep around a piece of terrain and hit you from behind. I have done this quite a few times we usually good results. The way to deal with these vessels is to obliterate them at long range (COA I see you hiding in the corner over there 🙂 ) respond to my threat of force (which is what I want you to do) or deny me the opportunity to leverage the terrain element (easiest to do).

    It normally goes like this
    I will drop a 120ish points battle cruiser down a ‘lane’ this will force you to place equal to or more down there, lets call it a squad of cruisers (cause you want to kill it, hold the field and then smack me) in this exchange if I win, I am up 60 points, if I loose I will have destroyed or damaged to the point of febrility 2 of them and only lost a battle cruiser while tying up 180 or so points for 3 turns, in my eyes a good trade off.

    Will break it down further now
    1) Long range – this one is tough, most air units that have the power and LOS to deal with the threat do not have the speed to get there in time. The COA have their E-turrets and they will always mess with this strat. Otherwise RB4 rockets and torpedoes are your best bet, if I have been silly enough to leave a LOS visible.

    2) Respond to my threat of force – now, if you want to engage what do you want to do? win? slow me? grind me? take your pick all are valid options depending on what you seek to do. Using the above example, I drop a 120pt BC, you can look at your list, place your BS, CR squad of 3, or destroyer squad of 4. Which one? of these choices the worst one is the CR squad, you are throwing 180 points of mediums that are best used to gang up and gank a large with other support, are awesome at wiping squads of smalls, and can go toe to toe with other meds, but a BC and a big boat, dont pick them (unless you are Prussian, their dual broadside work well). The BS is a good option, barring some dice magic you will come out on top with minimal damage, but it does leave you in the position of having your strongest unit not acting as a power projection point for some turns, and by the time it is over with its speed it is too far away/too slow to do anything else except plink at extreme range, this while not the best choice is still a good one, and depending on what is on the board it could be the right option. Now for the destroyer squad 🙂 ok, small models, so we are looking 5’s to hit, their guns are still good in RB1(nation depending) so no penalty to hit for getting into a boarding threat range and pack hunter, yes they are fragile, but with their speed and the 5+ to hit it will help them live. To use to most obscene example – Ottoman dessy, 2 guns at 5AD in RB1, 4 in the squad, with 270 arc, 7AD first ship, +3AD per extra ship +3AD pack hunter, 19 dice, from an S weapon, where you might take out one of them before they hit you hard and even if they do not kill you they will still move fast enough to re-engage your fleet at a movement of 10 inches.

    3) Ignore it – This is the hard one, I will always try to have activation pressure on my opponent, I want to be able to place my units to force him to respond to me, not the other way round. I need to keep them on the back foot, not meeting their goals for setup groups and movement orders organisation. If it is a long movement down the side of a board, more than 2 turns to get around, if you do not place anything to oppose me, I have waste those points and I need to get my unit out to the rest of the fleet asap, or in a 1k game, you already have a 12% advantage over me. If leaving the flank empty is a choice you think to be a good one do it, and actively try to move the point of engagement to the other side of the table, thus limiting my choices further.

    All of the above can be changed with flyers, teleporters, tfts and the like, but overall it is how I look at the deployment and terrain leveraging when I sit down for some fun 🙂 and while it my sound like I am being super competitive, I enjoy loosing a good game as much as winning one (just look at my last few games) the game and the social aspect is what keeps me coming back 🙂

    Happy to expand on any of these.

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