A foreign land…

Back in November I wrote about wanting to make some somewhat geomorphic land tiles for Dystopian Wars.  One of the charming things about the game is the way it deals with three theatres, and all three can mix it on the one table during the one game.  I already have my sea board sorted, and decided it would all sorts of fantastic to be able to have some land I could place over the sea board to facilitate landings, mixed theatre engagements and all sorts of scenario goodness.

I had some cork floor tiles left over from my island making, and wanted to make use of the left overs.  What I decided to do was to leave a bunch of the tiles uncut – they would form the majority of any landmass.  Then with a couple of others I would cut them into strips, and then bevel the edges roughly to form a coastline.  In the end I bought a second pack of tiles (which were 1ft by 1ft cork flooring tiles), left some whole, cut some in half (for spits of land), and sliced a bunch of the remainders up to create coast lines.

After the cutting (and cork floor tiles cut easily with a sharp blade, a cutting mat, and a steel ruler), I painted them all a dark brown, then successively drybrushed a series of lighter browns over the top – each layer lighter and more sparse than the previous.


After the paint had dried fully I sprayed the tiles with a watered down PVA (using a spray bottle and PVA mix from Woodland scenics).  Following this the tiles received a damn good flocking, using static grass from a shaker bottle.


I had already purchased a 100 gram bag of 2mm Summer Mix static grass, and was worried I would need a boatload more to cover so many tiles (7ft square in all).  In fact I was very pleasantly surprised that I managed to cover them all well, and still have some left over!

IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0079

All in all I am very happy with the results – although I’m already thinking I may need a couple more of the full 1ft by 1ft tiles (just enough to fully cover a 2ftx4ft board space with some extra bits for spits of land and the like).  But we’ll see – these are certainly enough for the meantime!

I think they came up rather well!




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