The Bloody Rose of Krakow…

As a special promotional item in time for Salute, Spartan have announced the Bloody Rose of Krakow: Esmerelda Mieszka, and her heavy bomber the Valkyrie’s Fury…


From the newsletter:

Ex-Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Pilot Esmerelda Mieszka is a gun for hire with a grudge to bear. After the death of her family at the hands of Russian Coalition forces, this talented pilot took to the skies in the name of vengeance.

Now the Commander of the Valkyrie’s Fury Heavy Bomber is available to hire for your Dystopian Wars force.

To get your hands on the Valkyrie’s Fury Heavy Bomber come and visit us at the Troll Trader stand at Salute 2014 in the Excel Centre, London on Saturday 12th April.

Anyone who pre-orders the new Dystopian Wars 2.0 Operation: Shadow Hunter Two player Box Set with Troll Trader at Salute, will receive a free Valkyrie’s Fury Heavy Bomber to take away on the day.

As part of this fantastic Salute only deal you will receive:

  • 1 x Super Heavy Bomber (100mm Wing Span!)
  • 1 x Acrylic Flight Stand
  • 3 x Acrylic Bomb Tokens
  • 4 x Tiny Flyer Tokens
  • 1 x A5 Sheet – with artwork on one side and rules and stats on the other

Valkyrie’s Fury is fully compatible with your existing Dystopian Wars force and may be added as part of the “Non-Core” allowance.


You can find the stats for The Bloody Rose of Krakow here.

1979486_10201885475643149_5242335411547592560_n 10154070_10201885475403143_4157261419736442001_n



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