Episode 4 – Alliance Nations


Episode 4 of the Element 270 podcast – ‘Alliance Nations’ is up!

In this episode Giles, Peter and Reese talk about the news, including the releases for Firestorm Armada, and what the slow-down of releases for Dystopian Wars might portent.  We continue from last episode, with a look at the alliance nations, cover some listener questions, and throw out another hot topic.


In Part 2 of our fleet review we briefly cover the Alliance Nations of Dystopian Wars, including play style, tactics and a short discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of each fleet.   

We also discuss some listener questions, and pose another Hot Topic question.

We apologise for any skipping or confusion in our audio, there were some technical difficulties with our files, but we nonetheless hope this is an enjoyable and useful episode!

Find Episode 4 here: http://element270.libsyn.com/element270-004-alliance_nations

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/element270/

On Twitter: @element270

Find our Hot Topic here: https://element270.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/hot-topic-for-episode-4/


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