ConstantiYESple? RC vs Ottoman Empire II Electric Boogaloo

The Russians, still hurting from last battle, were back up against the exact same fleet as last time. The Russians will be happy to make it through without getting pantsed. The Ottoman Empire, triumphant… maybe cocky… were ready to put out some more hurt.

It was time for the Black Sea Battle 2 – Odessa Offensive! (I’ve run out of puns that don’t involve the Crimean peninsula…)

Wanting to test all my theories straight up I went for:

1x Tunguska
1x Borodino
2x Pesets
4x Rostov’s
2x Veliky’s
4x Novgorods

The Ottoman Empire had the same fleet:
1 x Kanuni Class Dreadnought
2 x Sinop Class Armoured Cruisers
2x 2x Avci Class Destroyers
3 x Zuhâf Class Small Flyers
4 x Mizrak Class Frigate

Deployments (Well, after the first move anyway…)

  Turn 1 Turn 1 Deploy   Tunguska gets first damage of the game with a hit on the Dread! Was it a sign of things to come?

T Damage

First blood really goes to the Ottoman Empire, however with the Mizraks taking out the Velikys. Novgorods get revenge moving up and wiping out most of the squadron. The Novgorods pay a heavy price for their maneuver though with the Sinops killing a couple in return.

Meanwhile on the other flank things are getting congested, with mines, submarines, destroyers and flyers all getting funnelled into the small gap. The Tunguska is rewarded for its shirtiness by having its ablative stripped and then being dealt a critical by some TFTs. Sturingium Flare sending it back 4 inches. Things were getting tough.

t flare

Mines annihilate some Rostovs and the Tunguska takes yet more damage, another critical and is starting to look decidedly unhealthy.


T Crit

Soon inevitable death comes – swift and relentless. And to cap it all off the Dread had managed to heal its only point of damage, thanks to a STAR card. It seemed like history was repeating…

Nobody told the Borodino this however, who rolled into town and took a startling dislike to the two Sinops and decided they shouldn’t exist anymore. Some fantastic (for me) die rolls and a STAR card later they were dead. Both of them. Straight up murdered. This may not seem like much but coming from last game where I could barely damage a frigate this was huge.

One down, one damaged, still with dice in hand

One down, one damaged, still with dice in hand

Soon all the Rostovs on the other side were dead. The storms had been playing havoc with the TFTs, slowing them down no end. The Pesets moved in and attempted a torpedo strike on the dread with no effect, even if i had missed completely the CC would have annulled any hits. The two flanks were almost mirror images of each other.

Last Pesests

The Borodino finished off everything on its side leaving it with nothing to do and way too much distance to cover. I was down to only 2 squadrons comprised of the 1 Pesests sub and the Borodino. The last sub being the difference between achieving 70% or not for the Ottoman Empire. Whereas I had to kill the Dread to achieve it no matter what else happened.

End Game

Needless to say the last Pesets perished. The TFTs having been taken out much earlier by enemy fighters.

Regardless of the ultimate result, the Russian Coalition made its presence felt. It was not a pushover. It could take the fight right up in their faces and… yes… still lose, but… shut up! They did just fine! Its about how you play the war, not the result that counts. I’ll sat that now anyway…

Things to take away:

  1. The Borodino packs more impact than Vladimir Putin’s hairy man nips. Ok not that much punch but still a lot
  2. The Tunguska did well but was out gunned against the Dred. It would have been a very differnet game if the Boro and the Tunguska had switched places
  3. I needed to bum rush my TFTs in, rather than minimum move, which through a storm is 4 inches. It took all game to get them close and they never got to attack at all (the dread anyway)
  4. I was lucky to avoid some of the bombard shots thanks to fixed channel and different operational priorities, this help the Borodino arrive in striking distance at full strength
  5. The Pesets didn’t do much and seem to lack the punch required to take on the dread but may do ok against their cruisers, essentially they too were on the wrong flank
  6. the Rostovs, taken for ‘Hard Impact’, were never in a great position for it. Points may be better spent on more Novgorods.

What will I take next time?

  • Maybe a very similar list. The Pesets are a good psychological weapon, if nothing else. Rostovs may be rotated out though.
  • Do i need to try the Moskova? Maybe, it is an up armoured Borodino after all. Although it a flat out stat v. stat comparison with the Ottoman dread its still not really up to the task by itself and it is expensive.
  • Could the PLC Zamiec be the answer? Shield generators for things to mimic? More TFTs, flame throwers could work??? Might be an option…

One thought on “ConstantiYESple? RC vs Ottoman Empire II Electric Boogaloo

  1. I have run a Borodino and Moskva in the same list. I found that the Borodino led the charge and the Moskva followed everything and finished it all off with its many guns. If the Moskva has a weakness, it’s that the CR isn’t great for such an expensive model. Also, versus Blazing Sun, FSA or Brits, I would take the Moskva as you get a useful generator for shenanigans with their torpedo or rocket firepower.

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