The Black Wolf Raiding Party


With the arrival of the BLack Wolf Naval Battlegroup we also have rumours of a Raiding Party ready to assault the Dystopian Legions boards around the world.

A formidable foe...

A formidable foe…

From the Spartan Games newsletter:

Rapidly gaining infamy throughout the world, the marines who crew the vessels of the Black Wolf are experts in close quarters combat. Armed with rapid firing PP-56 SMG’s and shrouded by dense clouds from their smoke grenades, they excel equally at clearing enemy ships of their crew or sweeping trenches of resistance. Led by a battle hardened Petty Officer and given covering fire by a thunderous PP-76 light machine gun, Raiding Parties from the Black Wolf Fleet are a ferocious supplement to a Dystopian Legions force.

Looking good!  Now all I need to see is the Covenant… 




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