Turning it Around – From Loss to Win in 2014 – Part 3


Hi Everyone,

With another fortnight past, this blog post would normally be me letting you know how my quest is going (yes, it is defiantly a quest); unfortunately I have nothing to report.

My first game was a teaching game which I love doing; it’s the main reason why I became a Spartan Vanguard.  I’m proud to say my “pupil” was very positive about the game and can expect to see him back for more.  I used a modified version of my last list to face him – dropping the Peset submarines and some other smaller craft so I could fit in a Zamiec class Sky Fortress.


I know the Zamiec isn’t Russian (it’s PLC) but I wanted to show Phil how carriers worked as I don’t have the Russian naval model.  As it turned out; Phil robbed my Zamiec of the ability to recover tiny flyers for two turns and then blasted the sky fortress to bits.  The magazine explosion destroyed 2 Novgorod frigates, a TFT wing and a Princeton Class Gunship, which also suffered a magazine explosion and removed it’s squadroned partner.

My second game was cut short due to time constraints – it was a three way battle between myself (Russia), Nick (Russia also) and Luke (Prussian).  We only got to play a few turns of this game but it was exciting to see a squadron of Russian cruisers (Nick’s) destroy a wading Metzger (take that Reese!) only to have a squad of Prussian frigates prize one of the aforementioned cruisers.

My naval Russian’s will be getting a rest for a couple of month’s now as I have a Dreadball tournament, a Dystopian Legions demo day and a Dystopian Wars Land battle coming up.  I may forgo using my FSA land forces for a chance to use my mighty Russian Land Dreadnought and Vorkuta class Land Drill.

When I do get back to my Russian naval fleet, I’m going to be including one or two of these for something different.


I intend to place them around my Landing field and then deploying them on the center line to really mess with my opponent while my bigger ships steam as quickly as possible towards them.

So until my next battle – watch out for those exploding 6’s!

2 thoughts on “Turning it Around – From Loss to Win in 2014 – Part 3

  1. That poor Metzger got demolished, it had what, 6 HP of damage on it by the end of the first turn? The deployment of the 3 way battle was interesting as well, it ended up both myself and Luke aiming the majority of our fleets directly at Peter, with only a couple of squads (The cruisers, a squad of Novgorods and the Metzger and a squad of Frigates) forced to go around the side of some terrain and through a middle channel between us. It would have been interesting if we had’ve started turn 3, but sadly it was not to be.

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