Close Quarters Ragnorak

As the Great Nations of the Dystopian world continue their every escalating war, more and more minor nations are being forced to chose sides, lest they end up a simple annexation of their larger and more powerful neighbours. The Kingdom of Denmark was one such nation, perched worryingly close to the mighty Prussian Empire.

While some models for the Kingdom of Denmark have existed for a while, have recently received a Naval Battle Group, complete with some gorgeous looking new models and some downright nasty rule tweaks.

The combination of amazingly powerful and accurate close-range gunnery (including battleship cannons… On cruisers!!!), lots of shenanigans involving Sturginium Mines and movement values that make my opponents eyes boggle, they are almost perfectly suited to my aggressive play-style. Sure, all those engines and giant cannons may have meant all the ack-ack guns, shield generators and armour plating had to go over the side, but who needs that stuff anyway, right? 😀

But for now, onto the details of this fine fleet!

Danish Fleet

Ragnorak Pocket Battleship

The Ragnorak is a sleek looking, if a little undersized battleship, based off the designs laid down by the original Danish miniatures. Featuring a lot of Prussian turrets, broadsides based on Korsor turrets and a pair of mines rolling down the slipways at the back, it is an awesome looking model.

However, while it might not look particularly scary in size, don’t be fooled… Out of the box, this thing comes packing 3 Battleship Size turrets and the speed to put them to use! And combined with the Close Quarters Gunnery MAR that all Danish models benefit from, it can unleash an absolutely horrendous volley of 21AD in RB1 that hit on 4’s! With an optional Tesla Generator upgrade to even further increase it’s speed (up to a potential 12″) it has a nice tendency to appear where your opponent really doesn’t want it…

Danish Ragnorak

Skagerrak Gunships

One of the original Danish models, the Skagerrak definitely looks no worse for it’s age. Sleek and low to the water, and packing a range of powerful weaponry, it is not something your opponent should underestimate…

Being as fast as it’s cruiser brethren, the Skagerrak’s are more than capable of getting to where they need to be, either to use the ever-amazing UPG Generator (I cannot get over how amazing this thing is!) or if you paid to replace the UPG’s with even more turrets, the prospect of 32AD hitting on 4’s within RB1!

Sadly, they are quite squishy as a result of all that firepower, and I’ve found my opponents quickly learn exactly how scary these gunships are, and make them priority targets early on. But this does mean they are ignoring…

Danish Skaggeraks

Sigurd Cruisers

…these little beauties! Everything I’ve ever wanted in a cruiser! Sharp Turn, Streamlined Hull, Battleship Cannons AND 6AP each! Defenses be damned!

Looking a lot like a stripped down version of the Skagerraks, a squadron of Sigurds can move an impressive 11″ a turn if desired, leaving a trail of sturginium mines behind them as they rush to bring the same amount of firepower as a single Ragnorak Battleship to bear! And once they are finishing lighting up their target with a whole lot of high explosive ordnance, the squadron brings 18AP to the fray!

If you follow a squadron of UPG Skagerraks in, chances are the UPG’s will have crippled your targets AA, allowing those 18AP to go in without any pesky flak shells distracting them either!

Ah, do I love me some Sigurds… So much I have 6 of them in my standard 1250pt list… 😉

Danish Sigurds

Korsor Corvettes

Now, we can’t forget the smallest model in the box, which is also another older Danish model…

The Korsors are best described as ‘quite nippy and hard as hell to kill’. 15″ movement with Sharp Turn, and the combination of Fast Target and Elusive Target MARs make them an absolute nightmare for anyone to pin down and kill. Not to mention they can deploy a veritable minefield of Sturginium Mines once per game (my favourite method is to do it as I weave through opposing squadrons) which makes them even more annoyingto deal with, and quite often in my opponents deployment zone by Turn 2…

Oh, and while they only have 1AP each, they have won me the game boarding before, by chasing down a crippled Valley as it made a run for it! 🙂

Danish Korsors

Fafnir Light Airship

Well, this brings me to that last new model in the box, the Fafnir Light Aisrhips. And it has to be said, these are certainly not the least of the lot.

While you can see some Prussian influences in the design (I’m looking at you, Mr Imperium), the Dane’s have apparently taken it, miniaturised it, and bolted significantly bigger guns to the bottom. Each airship comes equipped with 2 Battleship Cannons slung underneath, and these are certainly not to be sneered at. Combined with Combat Launch and Deck Crews as well, these things will cycle TFT’s like their is no tomorrow, while still laying down horrendous amounts of ordnance on anything that dares come near (or failing that, anything else in sight…).

Again, these are one of those models my opponents are slowly coming to realise really needs to be dealt with quickly, but I figure if I feed them enough ‘high-priority targets’ they’ll be right back where they started… 😉

Danish Fafnirs

Danish TFT’s

Not strictly a model, but worth mentioning, are the Danish TFT’s. While they only have one TFAR between all of them, it is possibly the most powerful combination I have yet seen!

Yes, that’s right… Danish Fighters have More Machine Guns…

If the Dane’s want the air clear of enemy TFT’s, it’s going to happen. And once they’ve run out of enemy TFT’s, that amount of AA certainly does not go amiss against enemy Aerial Models either, let me tell you!

Oh, and the Dane’s bring 12 TFT’s as Local Air Support too, so you won’t be short on them!

Danish TFTs

Well then, that’s the lot for the new Dane’s! Some terrific new models, more than a few utterly terrifying gameplay nuances and rules, and of course, UPG Generators for everyone!

As I mentioned in my previous Fleet Review, I’m not going to rate any of these boxes, but I will have to say that with the combination of models, play style and possible shenanigans have definitely left me feeling that the Dane’s are one of my favourite fleets to play. Even to the point that I’m working my way through another box of them, and I’ve ‘borrowed’ all of the Stolz Destroyers and Wachter Escorts from my Prussians to ‘lend’ to the Dane’s for an indeterminate period of time… 😉

And that’s it for now! Once again, Reese out!


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    • That’s a shame, I have pretty much all the Imperial Bond factions myself, excluding EotBS and the French. There is quite a lack of them locally, so I picked up the slack… 😛

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