Turning it Around – From Loss to Win in 2014 – Part 2

Hi Dystopian Fans,

Welcome to part 2 of my blog where I layout my attempts to go from loss to win in 2014.  Before I start I’d like to say thank you to all those who provided comments and suggestions on my last post – your ideas have been very much appreciated. So without further ado lets dive into part 2 of my journey.

Armed with a new Russian Coalition list I headed to my FLGS.  This list was not such a big change from the last list – here it is for reference.

1000 points – Borodino Battleship + 2x Escorts (230), 8x Novgorod Frigates (200), 2x Pesets Submarines (160), 3x Rostov Destroyers (120), 3x Suvorov Cruisers (195) and a Landing Field (95).

As you can see, the Myshkin are gone (and good riddance as well) the Novgorod’s are back to 2 full sized squadrons and I added a Landing Field.  The Landing Field might seem like a strange inclusion but I have learned the value of Russian Tiny Flyers, especially Fighters.  With their ability to ignore Abort results and then “dive-bomb” into a target with Hard Shell(2) on each token I really wanted to get as many tokens onto the board as possible.


Game number 1 for the day was against Micky and his Republique of France aerial force.  Micky’s victory condition was to destroy 50% of my core fleet points plus all Medium models – meaning my Pesets and Suvorov’s were his primary targets.  Mine was to destroy all Large and Massive models – his fleet carrier and large flyer.  I felt confident that I could achieve this within the game’s turn limit.

I now realise that focusing on your opponent’s objectives is just as important as yours – for some stupid reason, and I still don’t know why, I moved my medium models FORWARD!  Besides from this gaff the battle was tough but I did manage to bring down his large flyer.  His battle carrier, which I dropped in AP, moved forward to use its heat lance.  I saw an opportunity to push forward with my battleship and board it (I was confident of boarding with my 12AP vs 5AP plus I had the STAR card in my hand dropping my boarding rolls from 5 to 4).

Unfortunately it was not to be – a mix up of my activations allowed his fleet carrier to fire first.  The Borodino, which had already lost its ablative armour, suffered a Magazine Explosion!  Goodbye battleship, 2 escorts, 1 frigate and my last Medium sized ship.  With only a squadron of Novgorod’s left it was congratulations Micky on achieving his victory condition.


Game number 2 and I was up against my old sparring partner – Luke and his Ottomans.  Luke’s list was an Ottoman static list which included a Hussar and a Dreadnought.  My victory condition was to destroy all Medium models and 50% of his fleet points; Luke’s was 70% of my fleet – all within 4 turns + variable turn limit.

Taking Luke’s earlier advice I set up a refused flank on the left hand side of the table.  The game went well for me as at turn 3 I had managed to destroy his only two medium models on the board.  However destroying the dreadnought or Hussar proved more difficult. In the end Luke managed to achieve his victory condition before mine.

While both games were a loss I did feel that I was making progress and I was more confident with the fleet.  I don’t feel that the current fleet needs anymore changes;  I just need to better organise my deployment and REMEMBER all victory conditions.

In a fortnight I’ll have this fleet back on the table and ready for another go at victory.  Then I’m taking a break for a month while I attend a Dreadball tournament – after that I’ll be back with my first go, in over a year, with my Prussians.

Till next blog – watch out for those exploding 6’s.  I know I will be.


One thought on “Turning it Around – From Loss to Win in 2014 – Part 2

  1. With the terrain piece down one side of the board and the well grouped fleet on the russian side drasticly limited my usage of the storm templates to hinder his move, they really only became useful once the group had spread out a bit, lest I hinder my own shooting (with impeded 1/2 AD). With Peter’s fleet sitting down a single 1/3 of the board had I spread mine out across the whole edge it would have given him the opportunity to focus fire on one squad at a time, and with me wanting to finnaly get to use my Hissar as a land model 🙂 I had to match deployment postion, with a little more spread for my destroyers to move past (as squishy as they are) on my left.

    The big thing for anyone facing the Ottomans is your activation order will be backwards. Normally you want to force your opponent to move their units forward and then you counter close to get a better RB shot then they did. With the Ottomans you need move your big stuff first and take that slightly worse RB3 or 4 shot before they drop a storm template in your way screwing up your movement and AD, and making it harder for you when I cloud up, so instead of those 3 guns at say 6 dice per gun in RB3 getting a shot off needed 4’s on a total of 12 dice (6+3+3) to break DR/CR of my ship, when I get to beat you too the punch, you get 5 dice (3+1+1) needing 5’s.

    I as the Ottomans have a slight cunundrum as well. I need to get my clouds and storms out for fleet safety, but each storm I put out limits my own lines of fire so I need to plan my whole move ahead and try to predict where it will all go this turn (not looking forwards to face anything with hit and run, shoot outside of the storm and move into it to make it hard for me to shoot back) while I need those big ships to activate to get the clouds I need the mine layers to go as early as possible so I can move the mines forward and screen you from getting in (so taking out the small flyers is a good things to do asap, just dont get stuck on them, perhaps SG will make some Air warfare destoryers and Anti Sub frigates etc in the future hopefully).

    I think what won me this game was that I had 33 TFT’s on the board of which 20 were bombers, and I got a very very lucky roll with a mine that cracked the armour of two cruisers, had I not gotten that then the bomber runs would have only taken out 1 cruiser not two and the remaining cruisers would have closed to RB directly behind my dread and pounded me (massive weak spot on it, only a single gun) and with 6 inch move it might at best be able to get angle on one of them after its activation and because of sustained fire I cannot split the 15 dice (and again assumin I had not cracked the ablative shell I would have been a dead man).

    I think my more mobile Ottoman fleet would not do so well, and I strongly suspect that my Prussians in the next game will get smeared all over the table 🙂 but it will be fun to try out the Tesla based list I have made.

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