2014 – Once more into the… thing

Like the others I had left the blogging to Peter while enjoying my holidays and the Christmas period, good job and many thanks. Now I’m back at work I must escape the realities of the day to day grind and find somewhere I feel at home, welcome and happy… somewhere Dystopian!

2014 will hopefully be a big year for me game wise. Here are my hopes, dreams and aspirations for the year ahead.


I have a fairly sizable Russian Naval Core now, not much more needs to be developed there however there are still some gaps that need to be covered:

Land Ho!

For Christmas I received a Russian Coalition Land Box. Previously I hadn’t been too fussed with that side of the game, however, seeing the minis and hearing good reports of the land game I quickly changed my mind. I quickly purchased some Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (mediums and smalls) to complement the RC or to use standalone. I still need to deepen my RC and buy some larger/massive units. So that’s number 1!

Air ho…

Or something. As a Russian player my air force is as follows: 2x Myshkin Bombers and 1x Tunguska. There is also a PLC Zamiec Carrier too, naturally. This needs to be developed somehow, probably with the PLC Aerial box, because blimps.


Lastly, I want a new nation, one that offers a different play style and set of abilities to the hard drinking, hard fighting Russians. I like the models for the mercenary factions. From the cool drone tenders of the black wolf, the giant gatling cannon of the Eclipse and so on but I am a traditionalist I guess, I want a nation so I can wave a flag and damn and blast everyone for being foreign. To that end I am mulling the following options:

• Chinese Federation – A floating forbidden city with energy shields and flame throwers, what’s not to love?

• Ottoman Empire – Minarets, minarets, minarets! Plus drop mines and storms

• Italian League – Mini boats are sweet. Plus columns on a ship is just fun


So those are my main options. Probably leaning more toward the Chinese or Italians at this stage, but could go anywhere really. I’d almost prefer a full nation over an alliance nation as that’d give more options but am undecided as to which of those I’d go for….


I have a lot of painting to do, well I say a lot it’s not as much as some (haha Giles!). But a lot of land forces a bunker and tower set, Tunguska and 3 Suvorov’s will still take a fair old time. Still yet to decide on a scheme, especially for the PLC flame tanks scream ‘paint me red’ but my Zamiec is blue so a blue theme it might be. Although reddish elements may appear on the flamers themselves I guess…


I’ll leave proper terrain elements to the professionals but I am going to do a sea battle board at some stage this year, everyone needs a battle board.



My current storage ‘system’ would send most gamers into apoplectic fits of rage and/or stress induce panic attacks. Novgorod on Novgorod, Cruisers crushing each other and the TFTs… the poor TFTs… needless to say the madness must end. Some form of tackle box setup should suffice and replace the various post box and bag setup I have currently. But yes, this is something that must be done.


I am hoping to get a lot more gaming in this year. Try out a few land games and a linked series of scenarios would also be awesome. The key thing is to get the minis on the table. The rest should take care of itself.

I, like Peter, have had very patchy form across all my previous fixtures. I need to tighten up my game. I’ll need to work out how to mitigate a couple of strong tactics from my usually COA playing brother and also worry about the Aussies, after a nightmare encounter with a couple of Victoria class gunboats – it was raining pieces of ablative armour… such a sad day…

So that’s it. Purchase, paint, play and pummel. Here is hoping for a dystopian 2014!



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