2014? Here we go!

Well, its a new year. The holidays are over, work has cranked back up again (for most of us), and most importantly, it’s time to start blogging again!  As Giles mentioned earlier, it has been rather quiet around here, and many thanks go to Peter for keeping things rolling, and while I have had a fairly solid series of excuses to not blog for the last few weeks, they’ve run out…

So, it’s time to start plotting and scheming for the future, and write my goals down in a blog post so I can’t wriggle out of them! 


Despite my somewhat rapid painting process, I still have a a few fleets that need a little love from the airbrush and/or paint brush. So this year, I plan on getting the following fleets painted up to full and viable 1500pt lists.

– Ottomans
– Italians
– Royal Aussies
– Free Aussies

Beyond this, I also have to complete the tail end of my two main fleets, the Prussians and the Russians, of which I have a few thousand points between them of various Land and Naval that need completing (including my second and third Metzgers, just for Peter… 😉 ).

And finally for Painting, I will finish my Dystopian Legions Prussians. They have languished aside for a while now, but the models are of such quality, I feel bad for leaving them just base-coated…

So come the end of 2014, I’ll have all of my 11 various fleets with a viable list, my Prussians and Russians will be finally finished off in all their ridiculous points numbers, and I will have a complete Dystopian Legions list painted…


Well, even though I’m at 11 fleets, seems I can’t help myself when new and shiny things appear, so I will be adding at least one more fleet to my charter. But this one will be a little different… This one will be a privateer company, known as the Black Jack Company, and be formed up of various Eclipse Company and Black Wolf models.

Until we get more rules on these two fleets, I can’t be sure what the internal structure of the list will look like, but the models alone have sold me on the idea, so they will definitely be added to my collection… If for no other reason than ‘Damn, they are pretty!’.

And from the smattering of rumours that are around, it would appear my Dystopian Legions collection will be expanding too, as the Russians are apparently coming out this year! From the few images that have emerged they look absolutely amazing, so resistance on my behalf would be futile…


Ah terrain. That one thing that tends to get ignored and/or simply represented by ‘whatever junk we can find laying around to throw on the table’… But I’m a little sick of this approach, so I will be expanding my terrain collection a lot this year!

However, there needs to be some sort of ‘order’ to this, so I’ve laid out my priorities as follows.

– Finish painting my Harbour set
– Construct a special island to act as a ‘core’ for the Harbour, so it can be deployed on the table without looking odd.
– Construct more islands, specifically ones with more beaches to vary from my current collection of ‘giant rocks jutting from the sea’.
– Acquire one or two Towns and Installations sets, and several pieces of green and/or cream felt. Combined, I plan on making some village ‘templates’ for Land games.

Beyond that, I’m leaving the slate open, as some shiny new terrain set may come out, and I am nothing if not whimsical…


So, finally and most importantly, the game itself! This year, I really want to get more into scenarios (much like Giles) rather than the ol’ line up and beat each other over the head style games. Dystopian Wars is so well geared towards it that it’s almost a necessity to at least try a few.

So I’m setting myself a challenge, one that I have wanted to do for quite a long time now: I will play through at least one of the Campaign Books, probably using the ‘alternate’ MFV’s in each, but maybe even using the exact lists if possible. And I will write a report on each and everyone of them for this very blog.

I think this is going to be the hardest to achieve, but hey, the only good challenge is one that challenges you!

Well, I think that’s enough to keep me occupied for a while, especially alongside my current foray into Firestorm: Armada. And it gives me plenty of meat for blog posts to put up here too!

So for now, this is Reese signing off. But expect to see more posts in the very near future. Let’s just say the Dane’s will be getting a write up, with a few pretty pictures too… 😉


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