Well the new year is underway and my voice on this blog has been sadly lacking the last few weeks (although Peter has done a magnificent job keeping his rolling).  Of course, the Christmas period is always hectic, with family and friends to visit and kids to keep busy, but my key excuse is that we have been repainting our house – and while I have made some good progress on this front, there is still a bit to do, and all of this has kept me away from the blog, away from the gaming table, and sadly, doing exactly the wrong sort of painting (well, the sort I would rank lowest in my personal preferences list).

Last post Peter made was about turning something around for the new year, and in keeping with this theme I have decided this rambling post will mark a list of those things I hope to achieve this year in regards to Dystopian Wars.

One thing I did do recently was appear on a wonderful podcast called On Board Games, hosted by the marvellous Donald Dennis and Erik Dewey – Don, Erik and I go back a way, but it was great to get on and chew the fat about miniature games, Dystopian Wars, Element 270 and other sundry bits of fat chewing.  I was on Episode 124 – check it out!

In any case – on to the resolving!


My brother’s horde of murderous Russians is growing, and from what I understand some Polish have arrived on the scene…  The guys in my local game group have been slowly building their forces as well (well, not so slowly), with the Kingdom of Britainia, Empire of the Blazing Sun, Republique of France, Prussian Empire and Federated States of America all gathering forces ready to take on the might of my Covenant and Australian fleets.  I need to get some more games in, Naval, Land, and especially some combined forces games using some of the stuff I will mention shortly…

I also want to play more scenarios and campaign style games, between the campaign books and my own twisted concoctions, this promises to be a lot of fun!  With so many guys in our group now with fleets, I think a lot of our games will be multi-player (by which I mean, more than 2 players), which should be interesting.


I would like at least on more fleet (perhaps the East India Company or the Eclipse Company…), but I want to resolve not to buy much more until my unpainted pile is much much more diminished than it currently stands.  I will definitely be buying the objective markers and some KoB Tiny Fliers (for my Aussies), but aside from these two must buys – I really must keep new model purchases to a minimum until I get my unpainted pile to a minimum… writing of which:


photo 2

I just have to sit down and get brush to model…  I have a whole bunch of Covenant models to paint, including Tiny Fliers, Ptolomy Bombers, Thales, Galens, Fresnels, Aleas, an Euclid, a Pericles, some Capeks, some bombards, Atticus walkers, Xenophons, an Archimedes, a Herodotus, a Callimachus, some towers and a bunker.

I also have the remainder of my Australian boxed set to paint (all bar the frigates are yet to feel the brush), the Amphibious boxed set, and a whole bunch of terrain from the Towns and Installations set.

Needless to say, there is a lot, and I must finish my Australians, Covenant and Amphibious models before starting to buy any more… I feel this will be the hardest resolution to keep.


I blogged a while ago about making some land tiles, I have the materials, now I just need to get it together and actually make them.  I also have a bunch of MDF coasters I will be turning into little drop-op scenic pieces, from forests, to hilly terrain, to rough terrain, to refineries, airfields and small settlements.

I want to use a bunch of 10mm circular MDF bases to make some ‘destruction’ tokens I can lay out to indicate where a model has been destroyed during a game (it’s just fun).

I have an Airfix Pontoon bridge I want to mod and put together on legs to use in combined arms games.  It looks neat – and should be a lot of fun when it’s put together.


I need to find somewhere to keep everything! ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHHhhhhhh

Not the least or most insignificant of my goals!


Phew- well that’s the start of my resolutions for 2014 – I think I might create a list of everything that needs to be done, and blog about my progress throughout the year – hopefully that will keep me honest, for the shame of failure must surely motivate me to not buy those new fleet boxes that look oh so good until I have painted… oh… this is going to be tough!



7 thoughts on “Resolutions…

  1. Hey Giles,

    I’ve got an idea. What if we set painting challenges with each other? I’ll blog on my end you on yours on the progress that we’re making. I found it tremendously helpful last week to blog each step in painting my French tourney fleet last week and it looks like we’ve got a similar collection of minis (not to mention terrain) to get through. Could help us both.


  2. Done Adam! I have four Victoria class gunships, two Tasmania/Sirius class sub tenders, and two Cerebus/Bounty class pocket battleships that are at the front of the queue!

    (Well – The Aussie box aside from the Escort Frigates)


  3. Ok sweet. Here is what I can commit to for the next little while: 3 Ecuyer, 3 Marseilles and 6 Chevalier Destroyers. I think that should be around equal to what you’ve got on the table.

    I’ll post on the blog today on the joint project. What kind of timeframe do we want to set for this first round of minis?

    Took a video today of all of the dystopian wars collection… It’s…. erm…. intimidatingly big.

  4. Ha! I really want to get more, but with a small house, a couple of kids, and too many board games I’m already struggling for a reasonable storage solution! The answer is obvious – a bigger house. 😀

    Awesome – the challenge is on! I also have some of the house to paint – so how about we give it three weeks? The next one can be a shorter time frame…? Or is that far too long? 😀

    • Hey guy, sorry for not responding until now. It’s late Sunday evening and I just came back from Edmonton for the Out of the Basement Tournament. I played in both Firestorm and Dystopian. Managed to get myself Best Sportsman in both tourneys. 😀

      Anyhow, I I think it’s better for us to set realistic goals rather than push ourselves too hard, I completely agree with you.

      3 weeks sounds perfectly fine to me to start. We can adjust as we like. 🙂 I’m doing a tourney blog for Monday morning but will post the challenge on Tuesday. Say we’ll set Monday as the start date?

      Excited dude. I love blog collaborations! 😀

      • Awesome! I’m getting my paints out after I finish typing this… Now I can’t procrastinate… right? Right? Oh- what’s that over there that’s shiny… 😀

        Well done on the Best Sportsmanship awards!

        We should look at more collaborations… maybe a comp or something – we talked about one for the podcast.

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