Turning it Around – From Loss to Win in 2014 – Part 1

BattleshipHi everyone.  

Not sure if your like me but it seems like every single game of Dystopian Wars I play I just never seem to win.  Pretty sure that in 2013 I was 0 wins and only a few draws.  Now don’t get me wrong; I love the game and no amount of losses will deter me from getting a new fleet or putting them on the tabletop.  For me the fun is playing – winning is just icing on the cake.

At the start of this year I decided that I wanted some of that icing and so I made a decision; a resolution for 2014.  For the first six months of the year I would dedicate my DW games to only 2 fleets.  You see, I have many fleets as I am a hobby magpie – if its shiny them I have to have it.  I started to think that playing a different fleet each game could be part of the problem – trying to be a “jack of all trades and a master of none”.

So until the end of June 2014 I am only using my Russian Coalition and Prussian Empire with a little side trip when my Mercenaries arrive.  I thought I would do this blog so you could follow my quest for some sweet cake icing.

January 11th; my first game for the year and my Russians were ready to go.  This was the 1,000 point fleet I used.

Borodino Class Battleship (180 points) with 3 Veliky Escorts (75 points)  :  2 squads of 3 Novgorod Class Frigates (150 points)  :  1 squad of 2 Pesets Submarines (160 points)  :  1 squad of 3 Rostov Class Destroyers (120 points)  :  1 squadron of 3 Suvorov Class Cruisers with Rocket Jammers (210 points)  :    1 Squadron of 2 Myshkin II bombers (100 points)

My opponent, Luke, set up with his fantastic Ottoman fleet.  I deployed in a central area, keeping my forces together with my battleship on the right hand side and my cruisers in the centre.  Well the first turn was horrible – Luke’s force blasted both my Myshkin’s out of the sky before they could even activate.  His Fitina generators placed storms that disrupted my Tiny Flyers and slowed my already turtle like battleship.  Then came the mine layers and his mine control generators.  I felt I had spent my points wisely with the Rocket Jammer Generators on my cruisers until I discovered the Ottoman’s don’t have rockets. Suffice to say – Luke achieved his victory condition within four turns (70% of my fleet in points).

So what did I learn from this game?  First get rid of the Myshkin’s – my Russians are a naval force and that 100 points could be spent elsewhere.  The Pesets, on the other hand, are fantastic.  With a 270 degree torpedo turret I didn’t have to worry about those difficult fixed channels and being submerged they don’t set off mines – combine this with the Echo Generator and it kept Luke guessing during the game where my real subs were.  Also my Rostov’s with their Hard Impact and Pack Hunter MARs were a unit to be worried about – its a shame they didn’t get a chance to be as effective as they should be.  A larger unit of these will be coming soon.

Strangely the Novgorod’s were a wet blanket in the game.  I have them seen them previously perform brilliantly but dropping them from a squadron of 4 to 3 seemed to make they less effective.  I think some of the 100 points from the Myshkin’s will be used to bring these guys back up to 2 full squadrons.

My next game will be on the 25th of January and I’ll post my list and my afterthoughts shortly after that.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free to drop them below or email me at element270podcast@gmail.com

Till next time – what out for those exploding 6’s!


6 thoughts on “Turning it Around – From Loss to Win in 2014 – Part 1

  1. Only thing I can think of mate is rember the little rules that give you safety margin. Send t. he bombers obscured at setup. My goal for my the game we had was to use the storm templates to force you to split your forces. I think you won the initiaive on each turn, if you wanted to get the Boridino in I would have activated it first, then my template would not have worked at all except to make my life harder when shooting you. The weakness of the ottoman is they need to have a very planned activation sequence to keep their somewhat squishy ships safe. Also while they get alot of shots, they are not big shots, I can really only link my volley guns together, and my mains with my broadsides, thus limiting what I can damage each turn, I need to be able to line up multiple ships at once to make it work.

  2. I am just starting out with Russians and am two scratch-matches and one full-sized game in. You composition is quite different to what my thought processes have been so far. Borodinos and Novgorods, sure, but the Pesets, Myshkins and Rostovs in my collection have yet to be used as I have been focussing more around a solid core of Tambovs and a Kostroma and its fabulously useful portable icebergs. I am planning on using my Pesets and Suvorovs next game, though. The other thing is that Rudnitsky for 50pts just looks like an utter bargain. Are these the thought processes of a Noob?

    • I don’t think any here is an expert Garth. It is always going to be about trial, error and random dice rolls.

      Saying that – a few portable icebergs never hurt.

  3. “Luke’s force blasted both my Myshkin’s out of the sky before they could even activate” – Almost every game I’ve ever deployed them in has been like that, even when they deploy obscured, they can be targeted fairly easily and exploding 6’s will cause hurt. The Myshkins got upgraded not too long back, and they’re a bit better than they used to be, but I can’t justify running them in my fleet as is. As far as Novgorods go, you need to keep them hidden as long as possible, if they’re exposed before they get to RB2, then they’re generally toast. The other amazing thing to do if you can is to have one target ship in RB1 and one in RB2 to maximize their damage output – that’s why in most friendly games I’ll move the bulk of them then adjust them by half an inch to an inch (well aware that this isn’t tournament legal), I don’t generally run escorts, but that’s just me, it comes back to bite you against a board heavy fleet, but i’d rather take the extra 3 Novgorods for the same price.

    Garth, as far as your thoughts go, I have yet to run the rudnitsky’s myself so I can’t comment there, but I’m not a fan of the Kostroma, I’d much rather run a Khatanga for the extra 30pts or so and make use of the superior firepower – About all the Kostroma has going for it now is the 6 TFT’s and the ability to shoot over the iceburgs, but when all it has are broadsides, it’s not that great, and I don’t think the TFT’s are worth an extra 150pts. The Khatanga also lets you upgrade your Ammo, which is good for knocking a few extra AP off boarding fleets and making them more managable when they do close ( Another alternative to escorts),

  4. Also, consider using a shield tower or two. We have a Russian player over in Calgary that likes to use those with 2 large Russian fliers and let me tell you, that’s fricken hard to get past; shields AND ablative armour…

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