My objective? To occlude the sun…

The Spartan Newsletter dropped this morning, the first for 2014.  It included some very exciting renders of what their previously announced Eclipse Faction will look like, as well as a close up of the Objective Tokens.

Eclipse 1

The first thing to note is that these guys look fantastic.  I love the blimps, gattling guns and so forth – a very striking visual style, and look at that carrier!

Second thing to ponder over is the structure of this boxed set.  Each model presumably comes in full squadrons, there is a fleet guide, and two token sheets (something missing from a couple of previous boxed set releases).

Will this be what some of the new core nation boxes will look like?  A Battleship, a squadron of cruisers, a squadron of smalls, a squadron of other mediums or smalls and tiny flier tokens…?


The support box also looks fantastic – the whole underwater bases looks really nice.  Lots of token pieces here.  I presume the scenery pieces are designed to look like they are sitting on the sea floor?  Although it’s conceivable that they are freshly risen from the depths…


Ahhh.  Here we get to the part that really excited me.  Objective set and event cards.  It would be fantastic if Spartan really put some time into exploring a card system to help generate scenarios, but this objective set just sounds fantastic.

Here’s the description from Spartan:

There are times during a game that capturing and holding objectives can be vitally important to a player. There are other times when capturing an objective can quite simply generate a random game event, sometimes good and other times bad! This Dystopian Wars Battlefield Objective Set is designed to enhance gameplay by providing players with stylised objectives to capture, with the 30 Game Event Cards providing a colourful mechanic for randomising what happens when an Objective is secured. The Objectives will also feature heavily as a game mechanic for upcoming Campaign and Scenario settings.


Amazing idea that could be extended even further.  I’d love for Spartan to release a set of cards to flesh this ‘Event’ deck out and incorporate scenic elements from their Towns and Installations, Airfield, Harbour, Hangar, Amphibious, and Merchant Navy boxed sets.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little objective piece in each basic box for each nation – along with a handful of cards to shuffle into the event deck!

Ah, I can dream…

In any case – exciting news and a great warm up to what I am sure will be a blockbuster year for Spartan.





Links to the Spartan Store for any interested:

Eclipse –

Support –

Objectives –


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