How to Paint…. Dystopian Legion FSA Infantry – Part 9

The Base

Eight blog posts down and now the last.  If you’ve managed to understand my ramblings and made it to this last post – congratulations you have done well.

In this last blog we’ll finish off the model by painting the base and adding some terrain.

To start off, using GW Agrax Nightshade, wash the base interior heavily.  Once dry, drybrush the stones with GW Desert Yellow and then GW Bleached Bone.

If you placed a piece of plastic sprue on the base, paint it GW Fortress Grey, giving the edges a light highlight of GW Bleached Bone. At this point the base is done.

IMG_0233 IMG_0232

To protect your model from the rigours of game play, give it a spray with Matt Varnish, allowing it to dry overnight.  The next day you can then add some tufts of grass to the base just to pretty it up a bit.

IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0236

Well done – you have reached the end of this painting blog and you should now have in your hands a well painted miniature.  Now all you have to do is paint the remaining 30-34 models (if your doing a full platoon of Infantry) but I’m sure you can now see how easy that is going to be.

By the way – while I was doing this blog I was also doing a squad of Armoured Infantry.  I used the same techniques as I’ve described in the last 8 posts, just changed the colours around a bit (and used GW Nuln Oil as a wash instead of GW Agrax Earthshade).



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