How to Paint…. Dystopian Legion FSA Infantry – Part 7

Flesh & Hair

Welcome back to the how to paint blog – I hope your models are coming along well.

Now its time to paint the flesh on the model and hair.  There are only three flesh areas on the FSA Infantry models; that being the face, left and right hands.  For flesh I used GW Bronzed Flesh.  This colour is now quite old so I suggest using GW Ungor Flesh instead.


When doing the face, make sure you paint all the way to the collar and the back of the neck below the hairline.  The hands are easy enough, remembering the hand holding the gun has two sides – make sure you don’t get any paint on the barrels of the gun.

The hair can be any colour you want (except for purple or pink they are hard-bitten infantry men after all).  I like to use a range of dark and light browns, rarely some black or a creamy white for blonde hair.

Paint the hair around the back and sides of the head – most of these models have sideburns in front of the ears so remember to paint these as well.  If you have a model with a bread or moustache, paint these the same colour.


Well this brings us to the end of the colouring section of the model – next blog will be the use of washes to really bring it to life.  Until then – watch out for exploding 6’s.


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