How to Paint…. Dystopian Legion FSA Infantry – Part 6


So it’s time to do some more metal on the FSA infantry man.  Using GW Chainmail, apply the colour to the metal chest-plate that all the models have.  On the chest-plate there is also a breather hose (for when the evil Empire of the Blazing sun use their deadly gas grenades or when the Prussian eat sausages the night before a battle) so paint this Chainmail as well.


The breather pipe goes around the right hand side of the model and connects to the filter canister on the bottom of the backpack.  Pick out the pipe and then also paint the canister in Chainmail.


Now it’s time to start on the Winchester Repeating Carbine the model is holding.  Paint Chainmail on the barrels and underneath on the trigger guard. Don’t paint the very end of the gun.  Remember the Carbine is two sided so make sure you spin the model around and do both sides.

The next metal we’ll be using is GW Dwarf Bronze.

Where the breather tube is located, you’ll find another pipe that runs from the backpack up under the right hand shoulder of the model – I think this is a coolant tube.  Pick out this pipe with the Dwarf Bronze.


On the rear of the model there are two somethings on the left hand side of the backpack (yes, I have no idea what they are) – paint these is the Bronze as well.  The final bronze piece is the hilt of the knife wore around the waist.  Carefully pick this out put try not to get any on the pouches or the coat.


And that is the metal for the model.  In Part 7 we’ll finish the gun and start on the flesh and hair.  Till then watch out for those exploding 6’s.

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