Episode 1 – Hot Topic: Tiny Fliers

So our Hot Topic for episode 1 is all about Tiny Fliers:


We’d love to read a why in the comments below…


4 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Hot Topic: Tiny Fliers

  1. (I preface this with I only play Sea/Air) I voted Game Winners but I find them very fleet situational. My RoF fleet can muster a nightmarish number of Torp Bombers (24 in ~1000pts) and devastate nearly any opposition naval fleet. In my Australian fleet, I just use Fighters to defend against other TFTs so I would call them a Game Waster. In my PE fleet, I use my TFTs mainly for activation advantage. So yeah, I would say in some fleets they give a solid advantage, others seem a waste of time. All in all though, I do like that they are in the game and want them to stay in one form or another.
    Jake (Darkhorse on Spartan forums)

  2. I find that TFTs are a game winner once you get them into position at the right time.

    At the same time I find that they are pretty much useless 80-90% of the time, because they are so fragile, and can move SO slow (I have an extreme dislike for the fuel system) in comparison to the fleets.

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