MARs for your Mobile

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been compiling and formatting a version of the Online MARs document into an up-to-date PDF that I can easily search and browse through using a smartphone (My No.1 information tool for war-gaming these days!). Since I’d already done the work for myself, I thought I may as well post it online and see if anyone else can get some use out of it too.

Each page is also individual bookmarked and sorted into alphabetical order. I haven’t changed any of the text beyond a little re-paragraphing to make them easier to read, and some text formatting to bring in bold, colours and the like where needed.

So far, I have:

– Taken the MAR Document, broken it down so each MAR is an individual searchable page.
– Searched through the other downloadable PDF’s for any MARs missing and added them in.
– Searched through the other downloadable PDF’s for any MARs that have been changed and amended them.
– Ordered each MAR I have located into alphabetical order.
– Bookmarked each page so that they can be browsed easily.
– Done a little formatting so everything looks the same.

Have a look, let me know what you think, and if you spot anything I’ve missed such as any 6’s that should be 6‘s, correct terms or even entire MARs, let me know and I’ll update the document and re-upload it.

Of course, all of the information in this document is copyright of Spartan Games as well, I have simply taken it and reorganized it to make it a little easier to find all in one place. But I have only used the freely downloadable PDF’s as source material, so shouldn’t be any issues.

To find this document, just head over to the Downloads page.


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