Invisible Flying Stand Magnets

I’m going to take our previous article on magnets and show you how to use them with your models that come on flying stands.  This method will actually make your magnets – invisible!

Grab your flying stand (either the single, double or quad holed bases are okay), some hobby files, magnets and glue (I recommend Zap A Gap).


Using a round file, make sure there is enough room for the magnet to sit snug in the hole.


Next sit the magnet on something metallic (I used one of the flat files) to make sure the correct “grab” side is face down



Now lay your flying stand over the magnet and press down firmly, just until the magnet sits in the hole.  Remove the file and then, using a hard non-metallic surface, press the flying stand down flat.  The magnet should now be flush with the base of the flying stand.

M004 M008


Now take your flat file and shave off equal amounts around the base of the peg so that it fits snuggly in the hole on the top side of the flying stand.



Drop a blob of glue on the tip of the rod and then push firmly into the hole.  



Once the peg is in place, the magnet is hidden from view.  



If your like me and use a metal toolbox to carry your models in – this will help prevent any damage.  

Quick and easy and (almost) painless.  Good luck and watch out for those exploding 6’s

Peter Fontebasso (Romerous)


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