The Sea…

Dystopian Wars is a game with stunning models, that much is evident to anyone who has a look at the renders, and especially, the real things.  With such nice models I felt a real urge to bring the other aspects of the visual experience, but in exactly which way was something I was unsure about.

I have been predominantly playing the game using naval and air units, and while I have some land units I plan getting into action some point soon, (I will deal with making land tiles in another post in the future) I want to write about the open sea…

I was content with an old blue sheet thrown across the table top – this was enough in the early days!  Then, as so often happens, one stumbles across something someone clever has done on the internet.  In my case it was the following YouTube video:

Thoroughly inspiring stuff! So with little forethought and a similar level of planning I decided to try and do the same myself.

Firstly I was in need of the actual board – no sooner had this realisation popped into my head than I was  at the local Bunnings (hardware) store looking for required materials.  I bought two 2x4ft pieces of particle board, as well as the other sundry items featured in the excellent video above, including white base paint, three tones of blue paint, and lastly – some glass coat.

The first step was to undercoat them both:

A week later, when the weather seemed more appropriate to the drying requirements of paint (tricksy stuff), I base coated the boards with an acrylic blue, then using a torn sponge I added some turquoise, then a smattering of light blue, and finally a very small amount of white – I was going for a stippling effect.

With the painting done it was time to admire the achievements of the day thus far.  That done, I progressed to the next stage: the use of glass coat.  Glass coat is something I had never heard of until I watched the video above.  All I can say is that it is extremely thick and tacky as it goes on, really needs a nice warm environment to dry in, but adds a fantastic effect to the board.

Once the glass coat had been painted on with a brush I dabbed it with a dry sponge to add a stippling effect and to make sure it didn’t simply dry ultra smooth like it’s meant to.  I tried using scrunched paper towelling, but the tacky glass coat was pulling it to pieces, in the end I found a sponge worked most effectively.



Overall I’m very happy with the result.  If I had my time again I think I would use a thicker paint for the base, and perhaps roll it on.  I’d choose a slightly lighter mid-tone (rather than turquoise) and be more sparing with the lightest (white).  All that said, I won’t be rushing out and making another table tomorrow, I’m very happy with how it’s all come together.  With a few more players in my area starting to collect navies for Dystopian Wars, I am seriously considering grabbing another 2x4ft board so I can have a table 6×4… we shall see.

Thanks Viv for the inspirational YouTube vid.  Mine isn’t a patch on your tables, but is miles better than the old blue sheet!

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