As taste for Dystopia – Giles…

In the following series of articles we’ll have a brief look at what drew each of our contributors to the game and world of Dystopian Wars, what their first fleet was, and why…


I was looking for a miniatures game that would be inexpensive, relatively small scale and most of all fun.  The first thing that struck me about Dystopian Wars were the miniatures—these amazing ships and robots and flying craft; they just looked unbelievable on the table, high quality sculpts with a really appealing look to them.  The more I read about the system the more I loved the sound of it; that submarines, ships, aircraft, blimps, and massive tanks could all fit in the same rule system, and on the same table top at the same time, and more than that—that this was how the game had been designed? Well—I wanted in.  Of course it helped that the setting was full of conflict, ever changing alliances and mystery!

My first fleet was the Covenant of Antarctica, I absolutely loved the look of the models.  The Ptolomy Bombers and Epicurus Sky Fortress just looked amazing.  As I read the background of the nation: a place gentlemen-scholars gone to war, a secretive and technologically advanced nation—well, I was sold!


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