A taste for Dystopia – Reese

In the following series of articles we’ll have a brief look at what drew each of our contributors to the game and world of Dystopian Wars, what their first fleet was, and why…


While I have been a tabletop gamer since I was barely tall enough to see over the tables themselves, and have tried quite a few systems in my time, none have caught my attention like Dystopian Wars and later Dystopian Legions. Steampunk has always been a favourite genre of mine, and when I stumbled across the Prussians (and more specifically, the Metzger) a few years back, I was almost immediately sold. As I started reading more and more into the world and the rules behind it, the deal was sealed. I just HAD to get into this game…

Prussians were my first fleet, as the idea of giant lightning bolt-hurling robots stomping across the battlefield, covered from above by zeppelins surrounded in a sparkling corona of voltaic death and filled with jetpack-equipped marines wielding tesla-lances just somehow clicked with me. Made it hard not to hum “Flight of the Valkyries” during games though, I must say…

However, while Prussians were my first love, once I saw the first renders of the Russians, I knew they had been displaced. Armour-plated to the max, strangely shaped hulls, generators that can allow shenanigans second only to the Covenant and massive guns crewed by vodka-soaked conscripts? Yes please! And then they added a giant land drill backed up by a land dreadnought?!? Whats not to love! Oh, wait, lets then bolt that drill to the front of a ship and cover it in mortars! YES! This is the fleet for Reese!

Needless to say, these are far from my only two fleets, and my collection tends to expand every time Spartan Games release more of their wonderful models. I’m still convinced it’s a conspiracy to replace all my precious money with resin models… Hopefully though, this tendency to impulse buy all of Spartans products will allow me to pass on my experiences, post many pretty pictures, and generally wax lyrical on the subject of Dystopian Wars and Legions here on this blog, with at least the appearance of knowledge on the subject.

At any rate, Reese out! You’ll all be hearing from me again soon enough. 🙂

Russian Navy Sample Prussian Navy Sample Prussian Army Sample Russian Army Sample

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