A taste for Dystopia – Peter (Romerous)

In the following series of articles we’ll have a brief look at what drew each of our contributors to the game and world of Dystopian Wars, what their first fleet was, and why…


It was mid to late 2011 and I had suddenly heard the news that 40K was heading for a 6th edition.  I had spent over a decade collecting almost every army and suffered through 3 edition changes.  The impending move to 6th edition was the last straw for me and I began looking around for another game.

I had recently (6 months ago) moved jobs and found a local independent gaming store nearby.  Stopping in one day I was looking through the shelves when I came across a rulebook called Dystopian Wars (1.0 edition).  It had an interesting cover, there was an armed blimp over 2 ships shooting at each other.  The rear cover showedanother blimp and a tank.  I asked the owner what this game was about and he mentioned it was a new one being done by Spartan Games.

I opened the cover and started looking through it – there were robots! – there were Airships! – there were all three theatres of war in the same game!  On the shelf was the starter boxes for Federated States of America (Federated! Alternative timeline! yes!) and the Empire of the Blazing Sun (more giant robots! squids! flying airfields!)  Within days I was a true child of Dystopian Wars.

So all my 40k armies were sold to make way for DW.  I was soon rewarded with the Prussian Empire but stayed away from the Britannia’s (to this day I’m not sure why but have since remedied that situation).  Soon after – Antarctica!  Then came France, followed by Russia.    Today I am a proud owner of almost every fleet Spartan Games makes (even the Invaders).

So why do I love this game so much?  I don’t think there is one reason why.  I love the game mechanics – especially the randomness that, given enough exploding 6’s, even a frigate can destroy a dreadnought (don’t laugh it has happened).  The models are absolutely beautiful and easy to paint.  Spartan Games is very proactive and listens to their customers.  Compared to other games it is cheaper to get into.  Victorian era/Steam-punk has always been a favourite gene of mine.

These days my greatest joy is being a Spartan Vanguard and introducing new people to the game.  There is nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when they first see the models, or play their first turn or say “no really, how much does it cost to start”.

As we head to 2014 I’m really looking forward to the V2.0 rules.  For those of you out there that complain about the 1.1 rulebook – go back and read the 1.0 rulebook – you’ll appreciate how far the rules have come.  I know I don’t have to hope that the game designers and testers get it right because, I feel, the game is already solid but a few tweaks wouldn’t go astray.

So welcome to everyone joining us on this site and hope to hear from many of you soon.

PS: Please enjoy a photo of some of my Federated States of America fleet – the first to be brought and painted.



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