A taste for Dystopia – Opening Salvo…


It is 1870 and the world is at war.  Giant dirigibles, robotic contraptions, massive ships of war, monstrous submersibles and weapons that spit deadly fire, all fight for supremacy as the great nations of the world struggle for dominance.  All this unimaginable technology made deadly possible by the discovery of a new element: Element 270, or Sturginium, after it’s discoverer Lord Barnabus Sturgeon.  Sturgeon has yet more secrets to reveal, as deep in the Antarctican ice he and a team of explorers discovered the miraculous Wells Chasm, a repository of wildly fantastic technology left by no-one knows whom…

Dystopian Wars is a table top miniatures game that captures the action and heroism of this titanic world war.  Airborne, naval and land units clash in an epic game that covers three theatres of war.  It’s a game where a giant submarine can launch torpedos at the battleship that’s landing a heavy barrage of cannon fire on a floating sky fortress.  Where boarding assaults, ack-ack, fighter planes, and dive bombers all add to the fire.  Where a gigantic robot can punch holes in the superstructure of a submersible mechanical squid that is strangling it…


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