A taste for Dystopia – Ewen

In the following series of articles we’ll have a brief look at what drew each of our contributors to the game and world of Dystopian Wars, what their first fleet was, and why…


The theme and models were a large part of what attracted me to the game. Dystopian Wars was one of a few games that I and a couple of others were deciding upon and it certainly made an impression. You can’t really go wrong with gigantic hyper-industrialised steampunk warfare. The models that you first see as you look into the game, like the Imperium Sky Fortress with the runway unceremoniously plonked on top of a blimp, seal the deal. The rule system covering all three theatres was also highly attractive. The possibilities posed by aerial, naval and land forces all mixing it up at once, with one system to rule them all… simply fantastic.

When it comes to gaming a tend toward the bit-whore end of the spectrum, if it looks good I must have it. This helped inform my choice of the Russians. There is something about their ships, not that others are lacking, but the up-armoured mass of weapons and smoke stacks, well they’re just great. The allied Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Sky Fortress the Zamiec was far too damn sexy to pass up. The rest of the Russian Fleet could have looked like malformed jelly-babies and I still probably would have gone for them for that model alone. ‘Phwoar’ was the first word to spring to mind as I gazed upon its visage. ‘Daaaamn girrlll, you fine’ quickly followed. The rest is history.

I am currently salivating as I eye off various others fleets/box sets including: the Italians, Chinese, the imminent PLC air cadre (another Zamiec, why not?) and many more. Where I’ll end up who knows but its going to be a damn fine ride!

 kos2boro Tiksi


On the Dystopian Wars forum I go by Lord Flash Heart


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